Big Game Fishing - With Chapters on: Marlin, Sharks, Swordfish, Sailfish, Tarpon, Tuna and Bass


This comprehensive guide to big game fishing comprises seventeen thorough and detailed chapters by various experts on the subject. Big Game Fishing takes a comprehensive and informative look at the subject, and is a fascinating read for any fisherman or historian of the sport. Its 209 pages contain a wealth of information and anecdote and are extensively illustrated with black and white drawings and photographs. Contents Include: Marlin; The Marlin or Spearfish; The Big Marlin at Gallagher s; Shark! Shark!; Sharks; Fresh Wate Sharks; Swordfishing in the Pacific; Tarpon; Tarpon Fishing; Tuna; Incidents in Tuna Fishing; The Long Finned Tuna; Tuna Fishing; Tuna Fishing at Avalon, Santa Catalina Island; The Sailfish; The Giant Bass; The Striped Bass in the Pacific. This book contains classic material dating back to the 1900s and before. The content has been carefully selected for its interest and relevance to a modern audience.

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