The path to business success is an open road and you'd better be ready for anything!What do businesspeople and entrepreneurs have in common with bikers? More than you'd suspect. The freedom of hitting the open road is a concrete extension of the need for freedom that encourages entrepreneurs to start businesses. The desire to succeed in business by doing it your own way is no different than the desire to hit the road and plot your own course on two wheels.The Biker's Guide to Business explores these parallels and offers hard-won business wisdom specially suited for Business Bikers who do it their way-whether out on the highways or in the corporate boardroom.Introduces DeVille's Navigation Process that helps you develop your own action plan for achieving your own unique vision of successShows you how to tailor a road map to guide your personal journey from where you are now to where you want to be tomorrowUses biker terminology, analogies, and parallels to communicate real business wisdomThough written to appeal to bikers, the book is a handy business guide for anyone willing to take the rideWhether or not you're a biker, the passion to ride is the same passion that pushes people to succeed professionally by taking their own path. Hop on, rev up, and succeed.

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