Build Cabinets That Exceed Every Expectation Whether you're a first-time woodworker or a seasoned pro, Bill Hylton's Frame & Panel Magic will immediately (and magically) transform the way you build absolutely everything. Frame-and-panel doors and cabinet sides are your ticket to building projects that are stronger, more attractive and impervious to the seasonal expansion and contraction of solid wood. Mastering this tricky skill normally requires years of practice - until now. Woodworking wizard Bill Hylton has developed amazing yet simple methods that allow woodworkers to make any frame-and-panel door or cabinet side they desire. With ground-breaking techniques and simple templates you'll learn how to make: Simple Shaker-style doors with flat panels that will last hundreds of years Traditional period-furniture doors that will please the most finicky customer (or family member) An entire kitchen of detailed doors in just one day Custom veneered doors with breathtaking curved profiles Glass-front doors with as many perfectly fitted panes as you desire Seemingly impossible cathedral doors that you can churn out with ease And more

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