AN ACCIDENT Aren't you glad that we are only going back to school for a little while? cried Billie Bradley, as she gave a little exultant skip. Suppose it were fall and we were beginning high - Billie, stop it, commanded Laura Jordon, turning a pair of very blue and very indignant eyes upon her chum. I thought we were going to forget school for a little while. Well, we're not going back for anything I forgot, Billie was asserting when Violet Farrington, the third of the trio, interposed: If you two are going to quarrel on a day like this, I'm going home. Who said we were quarreling? cried Billie, adding with a chuckle: We're just having what Miss Beggs (Miss Beggs being their English teacher) would call an 'amiable discussion.' Listen to the bright child! cried Laura mockingly. I don't see how you ever get that way, Billie. Neither do I, replied Billie, adding with a chuckle as they turned to stare at her: Just natural talent, I guess.

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