Three gorgeous cousins: masculine, super-wealthy and irresistible! The Kyriakos Virgin Bride Greek billionaire Zac Kyriakos only married sheltered heiress Pandora Armstrong because her youth, beauty and naivete met all his needs. Zac's whirlwind courtship swept Pandora off her feet - but it wasn't until after their amazing wedding night that she discovered why Zac had wanted her so desperately! The Apollonides Mistress Scandal How dare the woman he'd thrown out of his bed show her face again? Her memory gone, Gemma Allen was seeking answers to her past. But Greek tycoon Angelo Apollonides, in his quest to avenge Gemma's betrayal, uncovered more than just a startling new passion. The woman in his arms wasn't his former mistress. She was her twin! The Desert Bride of Al Zayed After five years Jayne was going to face Sheikh Tariq bin Rashid, the desert prince of Zayed...and her passionate husband. He'd courted her, captivated her, but he'd never truly trusted her, so she was back to demand a divorce. And Tariq was willing, if Jayne would pretend to be his happily wedded bride for a few weeks longer...

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