New Process Technology for Developing Low-Cost, Environmentally Safe Biofuels Rising fuel prices have created a surge in the worldwide demand for biofuels made from plant and animal feedstocks. Filled with a wealth of illustrations, Biofuels Engineering Process Technology fully explains the concepts, systems, and technology now being used to produce biofuels on both an industrial and small scale. Written by a team of leading biofuels experts, this lucid guide presents a complete introduction to biofuels and biorefining processesstate-of-the-art information on biofuels processed from fermentations of ethanol, hydrogen, microbial oils, and methanenew material on the production of biodiesel from plant and algal oilsand the use of microbial fuel cells to produce bioelectricity. Biofuels Engineering Process Technology takes readers step by step through:The key concepts, systems, and technology of biofuelsA review of the basic concepts of fermentation pathways and kinetic modeling of bioreactorsBiofuels produced from fermentations of agricultural feedstocks and biomass-ethanol, hydrogen, microbial oils, and methaneBiodiesel fuels processed from the chemical conversion of microbial and plant oilsBioelectricity produced from microbial fuel cellsThe latest sustainable biorefinery concepts and methodsInside This Cutting-Edge Biofuels Engineering Guide Introduction Fuels from Fermentations: Ethanol Hydrogen Microbial Oils Methane Fuel from Chemical Conversion of Plant and Algal Oils: Biodiesel Microbial Fuel Cells Technical Resources

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