There is a growing need for new adhesives for technical and medical applications! The nature uses adhesion in a host of ways and we can learn a great deal from this. Adhesive systems of potential interest need to be thoroughly analyzed and the common underlying principles and unique features of natural adhesives have to be understood.The first part of this book gives an overview of selected adhesive systems from the plant and animal kingdoms. It describes their structure (morphology), function (secretion), and what kinds of adhesives are produced (composition). Knowledge about biological adhesives raises the question as to how these systems can benefit our daily lives.The second part of this book focuses on technical and medical applications of biological adhesives and biomimetic systems. The use of renewable biological components in industrial adhesives is also highlighted as is the use of biomimetic and bio-adhesives in basic and applied research. Medical and surgical applications of these adhesives such as wound healing and the bonding of tissues/organs are also covered.This publication can be readily used in conjunction with the book Biological Adhesives by Smith and Callow (2006) which describes the basis of bonding systems and their chemical and mechanical properties and means that readers now have a comprehensive overview of biological adhesive systems and their applications!

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