This text is the first ever to offer a coherent analysis of the nature, origin and evolution of biocomposites and biopolymers found within the broad variety of marine invertebrate organisms and their unusual structural formations. It is an interdisciplinary look at the biomineralization, biomimetics and materials science unique to marine invertebrates. In this seminal work, Hermann Ehrlich, for the first time, proposes the classification, biological materials of marine origin. He uses numerous unique examples of marine origin to critically analyze many current relevant concepts from both the biological and materials science perspectives, including hierarchical organization of biocomposites and skeletal structures, structural bioscaffolds, biosculpturing, and biomimetism. In addition, he covers many modern topics never before available in textbook format, such as phenomenon of multiphase biomineralization, biomineralization-demineralization-remineralization phenomena, and silica-collagen and silica-chitin biocomposites. And he reviews the most relevant advances in the marine biomaterials research field, detailing the applications of biomaterials science in modern technology and medicine. Complete with tables, electron micrographs, line drawings, and dozens of previously unpublished images of unique marine structures, Biological Materials of Marine Origin is aimed at scientists and students concerned with the world of marine biological materials.

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