Sample Chapter(s)Chapter 1: Higher Dimensional Chern-Simons Theories and Topological Black Holes (479 KB)Contents:Higher Dimensional Chern–Simons Theories and Topological Black Holes (M Bañados)Wormholes on the World Volume: Born–Infeld Particles and Dirichlet p-Branes (G W Gibbons)Evaporation of Primordial Black Holes (S W Hawking)Fermion Models and Chern–Simons Theories (F A Schaposnik)Uniqueness of D = 11 Supergravity (S Deser)Probing Black Holes and Relativistic Stars with Gravitational Waves (K S Thorne)Chern–Simons Supergravities with Off-Shell Local Superalgebras (R Troncoso & J Zanelli)Readership: Astrophysicists.

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