With an introduction by Geoff Dyer First published in 1942, Rebecca West's epic masterpiece is widely regarded as the most illuminating book to have been written on what was once Yugoslavia, essential for anyone attempting to understand the enigmatic history of the Balkan states. 'West's masterpiece [is] one of the great twentieth-century books of any genre.' Independent 'Impossible to put down, both timeless and of its time-a travel book and epic narrative history brimming with passion, anger, scholarship and intuition, hatred and love.' Observer 'Such incandescent writing-you find yourself wanting to mark every sentence in order to go back and relish it again.' Brian Eno 'One of the supreme masterpieces of the twentieth century . . . As a book about Yugoslavia it's a kind of metaphysical Lonely Planet that never requires updating . . . this is history as it might have been written by Ryszard Kapuscinski or Gabriel Garcia Marquez .' Geoff Dyer, from his introduction 'It is hard to convey the flavour of a book so rich in observation, history, philosophy, political ideas and ironic humour. West is full of digressions which are extraordinary, but never boring.' The Times 'The sheer quality and depth of the writing make it one of the great books of the century.' Times Literary Supplement

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