AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY COMES TO LIFEDiscover why young people all over the country are reading the Black Stars biographies of African American heroes. Here is what you want to know about the lives of great black men and women during the fabulous Harlem Renaissance:louis "satchmo" armstrongeubie blakethomas andrew dorseyw. e. b. du boisduke ellingtonjames reese europejessie redmon fausetmarcus garveyw. c. handyfletcher hendersonlangston hugheszora neale hurstonhall johnsonhenry johnsonoscar micheauxphilip payton jr.gertrude "ma" raineypaul robesonaugusta savagenoble sisslebessie smithjames van der zeedorothy westcarter g. woodson"The books in the Black Stars series are the types of books that would have really captivated me as a kid."-Earl G. Graves, Black Enterprise magazine"Inspiring stories that demonstrate what can happen when ingenuity and tenacity are paired with courage and hard work."-Black Books Galore! Guide to Great African American Children's Books "Haskins has chosen his subjects well . . . catching a sense of the enormous obstacles they had to overcome. . . . Some names are familiar, but most are little-known whom Haskins elevates to their rightful place in history."-Booklist"The broad coverage makes this an unusual resource-a jumping-off point for deeper studies."-Horn Book

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