Blackhawk's Betrayal All Kiera Blackhawk wanted was to learn the truth about her heritage. She hadn't counted on falling for her compelling new boss, Sam Prescott. Kiera could not submit to the hotel magnate's powerful seduction. For she'd been lying to him! Blackhawk's Bond When he'd purchased a rare thoroughbred, millionaire DJ Bradshaw got Alaina Blackhawk as well. She refused to leave the horse's side, so DJ gave her two weeks to prepare the animal...but those weeks would be spent at his home. And if the Texas loner had his way Alaina would be in his bed before time was up. Blackhawk's Affair For eight years Alexis Blackhawk believed her youthful, clandestine marriage to Jordan Grant was null and void. But the millionaire oil man had never filed the papers and she was still bound to the man she detested...and secretly desired. Would Alexis be able to walk away?

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