Blackmailed into Bed Businessman Chase Ramsey had waited years to avenge what Elena had done to him. Now she had to become his mistress to save her family's business. But when the ebony-haired beauty had him craving her like a starving man, had his indecent proposal backfired? The Billionaire's Blackmail Bargain Billionaire Cade Dupont broke Simone Maxwell's heart years ago, but he sees her current vulnerability as a perfect opportunity to settle her dues - he feels she owes him, big-time! He wants her in his bed and at his command! Blackmailed For Her Baby Dark-hearted billionaire Romano Vincenzo needs Libby, his late brother's wife, back in his life - for his little nephew's sake. He knows Libby will do anything to see her child. Even marry her bitterest enemy...

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