The definitive guide to reporting and editing the story of moneyFinancial reporting is more important than ever as people grow increasingly aware of how their lives are affected by Wall Street and the federal government. Bloomberg News has earned the respect of journalists and readers around the world for its fast, in-depth and accurate stories.The Bloomberg Way, an internal manual compiled over two decades, reflects the new realities of journalism, in which speed is paramount, the impact of news is instantaneous, and the lines between objectivity and opinion are increasingly blurred.The Bloomberg Way is the most thorough and comprehensive guide to reporting and editing the story of money. This indispensable text for both journalism professionals and students outlines the central principles of Bloomberg News, explaining how to write compelling stories while maintaining standards of accuracy, honesty and ethics.The five F's of reporting: Factual, First, Fastest, Final and Future WordThe essentials of writing an enticing lead and organizing story lines when preparing for breaking news on anything from an earnings release to a market crashWays to keep opinion and speculation out of your writingThe Bloomberg Way stylebook is the most important writer's resource of one of the largest news organizations in the world. It informs as it instructs, from how to conduct effective interviews to analyzing financial reports to the imperative for accuracy and integrity in gathering and publishing news.

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