Blue-Eyed Son is a personal history, but its themes family, self-identity and filial love are universal Daily Mail Raised in a comfortable middle-class home, Nicky Campbells Scottish Protestant family cared and nurtured him as their own, while remaining open about the fact hed been adopted. His father an ex-army man and his mother helped him to a good school and a good university. Nicky rarely thought of his birth parents, until a combination of an imploding marriage and a chance meeting with a private detective led him to track his mother down. Nicky Campbell brilliantly recalls their reunion and tentative steps towards a relationship, evoking all the complex and deep-seated emotions that being reunited elicited in each of them. But as they talked it became clear that there was more to Nickys background than he expected. . . In this emotionally gripping and refreshingly honest memoir, Nicky Campbell describes the many sides of a familys dark history, and how it feels to find out where you come from.

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