Recent high profile corporate failures have clearly demonstrated that good governance is the key to sustainability of the corporation. Good governance is a lot more than compliance. It is a culture and a climate of consistency, responsibility, accountability, fairness, transparency, and effectiveness that is deployed throughout the organization. (CRAFTED principles of governance) This book focuses on the behavioral aspects of good governance and helps address questions such as:How confident are you that the Board of Directors of your company is providing the right kind of guidance and oversight? Do you think that in your company the right balance is achieved in the following areas?- short term vs. long term performance;- risk vs. reward; - ethical considerations vs. market practices; and - competing interests of different stakeholders Does your Board pay adequate attention to strategic planning processes, processes for identifying major risk areas, communication and disclosure policies, and effectiveness of your internal control systems?Is your Board effective in avoiding group thinking, critical but constructive questioning and identifying and addressing key risk areas?What is your Board doing to improve its own performance?'Boardroom Secrets' focuses on the structure, processes, information needs, culture and behaviours for the board of directors to ensure good governance.

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