This book reflects the meteoric increase in knowledge regarding bone remodeling including molecular understanding of osteoclast development, regulatory molecules such as cytokines, pathophysiology and pharmaceutical development to treat osteoclast function. Rapid publication of an up-to-date volume addressing these issues by experts in the field, an asset to any library of clinical endocrinologists and rheumatologists, is a valuable read for those entering the scientific arena of bone remodeling research. It integrates recent technological advances with foundation data to provide a comprehensive view of bone resorption, and also links information gained from the genetic and molecular to the physiological and clinical levels. It is addressed to clinical practitioners, nutrition scientists, researchers and students, who seek a fundamental understanding of this important subject. An invaluable publication for the community of medical specialists- internists, endocrinologists, nephrologists, orthopaedists- as well as dental, paramedical and nursing practitioners.

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