There is immense wealth that lies hidden in the recesses of people"s beings and many don"t ever realize it.In an era of dwindling support for the arts in schools and communities, most of us have come of age believing we have no creative ability. We are unaware of the divine gift we receive at birth, and the sacred commission to use that gift to better the world around us. In Boredom to Brilliance, Timothy Simpson helps us to discover that gift, the power of the arts. Whether offering insights from the world of opera, sharing his own journey of discovery, or providing hands-on exercises designed to motivate, he illustrates the necessity of self-expression and gives the reader a practical approach to unlocking the creative spirit inherent in us all. If you haven"t yet found your place in the world or what you want to do in life, this book will set you on your path."Your dream, your vision, your idea, however small or grand it may be, is a gift to you andtherefore your gift to the world."

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