Beth Kaylor is a quiet, innocent virginal girl with great tits brought up, moreover, by strict religious parents to stay pure at all times and to avoid all coloureds. When she is told that they are not her parents, they were only foster parents, her reaction is one of shock. But that is only the beginning of Beth's many shocks and surprises. Her real parents want her back - and they live in Africa. Beth is given a ticket for the plane and a new name - Fala Smyth - and little opportunity to say goodbye to her old life.Fala's many preconceived ideas about coloured people are rapidly dispelled when she falls foul of the housekeeper/tutor put in charge of her and she is forced to change places with the mulatto girl who had been her servant up to that time. Going about virtually naked, available to all, her virginity is soon taken and she learns the discipline of the cane and whip. Slowly but surely she is taught the meaning of submission, until her fate becomes clear, she had been bred specifically to be a slave and in becoming one, realises her destiny is the perfect one for her.

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