Spoiled rich bitch Tiffany Welborne always believed money and position would buy her out of any trouble. But after a night of debauchery and destruction on the tropical island state of Cascara, nothing could save her from a sentence in a privatised Correction House. Expecting preferential treatment, she is instead stripped of her clothes, her pride, and soon, her deepest inhibitions, as she learns to submit to new pains, new pleasures. For the House Director, the enigmatic Cyrus Rache, only accepts particular girls - girls who can be trained to channel their lawlessness into an insatiable hunger for sexual submission - and Tiffany is the perfect subject. Aided and abetted by a staff with diverse tastes and talents, all geared towards domination in its many forms, Rache intends to make a special example of Tiffany, for reasons known only to him...

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