Take a look at the very best in packaging design Every day Andrew Gibbs seeks out and discovers the very best in packaging design for his influential blog, Here, he has collected the cream of the crop-plus some additional brand-new projects-in all their full-color glory. The look, feel and concept of a package is crucial to its sales success, and Box Bottle Bag contains more than 140 projects that have succeeded on many levels. The book is divided into six chapters, each one featuring a certain style of packaging design-Luxe, Bold, Crisp, Charming, Casual, and Nostalgic. Featured work comes from top-notch firms such as Turner Duckworth, Hatch Design, Interbrand, Hornall Anderson, Duffy & Partners, BBDK, Aesthetic Apparatus and Wolff Olins, Inc. Some of the top-tier clients featured inside include Miller Chill, Coca-Cola, Aveda, Williams-Sonoma, Method, Right Guard, 10 Cane Rum, Harrod's and Starbucks. The wealth of inspiration found in these pages is priceless. You'll be energized to come up with your own solutions to tricky packaging conundrums in no time.

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