The difference between the men and the boys is the price of their toys. NASA astronaut, Norman E. Thagard, is dedicated to building hi-fi amplifiers. The German rapper, Smudo, races in an eco-friendly car. Fashion designer, Willy Bogner, performs ski stunts for Bond movies and his own productions. The book features lots of toys and the boys behind them. It"s a collection of 16 short stories edited by the German technical journalist, Stefan Schickedanz, who lives in Stuttgart and is well known for his reviews and reports in some of the leading magazines of his country: "Men"s Health", "sport auto", "Motor Klassik", "AUDIO", "Spiegel Online", and many more. Driven by the surprising success of "Männerspielsachen" for iPhone in the USA, Canada and Great Britain, Schickedanz translated two chapters of his book with his American friend Joe Grand, who has a similar sense of humour, but more sophisticated knowledge of the English language.

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