All of us have come into contact with brainstorming in one way or the other. However, for most, brainstorming is an excruciating experience. This is not surprising, since many of us have not been taught an effective way to brainstorm.This book provides professionals with a fresh approach to coming up with ideas and turning them into effective communications. They will learn from it not only `what to do` but `how to do it`. The author employs an evolutionary, multicultural, time-sensitive and process-driven creative methodology. This approach is designed to generate new messages in a fraction of the time required by traditional methods, accompanied with a good deal of enjoyment. The author calls her approach `Creative Aerobics`. It ultilizes four successive mental exercises that enhance the flow of information between the left and the right brain. This assists users in developing multiple approaches and strategies, coming up with fresher and more persuasive `outside the box` solutions. The exercises increase exponentially the number of creative solutions arrived at, leading to a situation of creativity on demand.

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