Convenient coincidences and glycerine tears, star-crossed lovers and happy endings, mindless songs and energetic dancesThese elements, and more, have sustained the Bollywood brand of cinema for nearly a century, so much so that it has now found acceptance across continents.This book is a road map for the fast-changing entertainment landscape of India. It succinctly outlines how film entertainment in India is no longer just an artistic or creative enterprise. This is due to the rapid convergence of various mediahome video, satellite television, radio, Internet, animation and gamingwhich determines the success, or otherwise, of films. The author contends that the most successful film-makers will be those who recognise the consolidated potential of these revenue streams as opportunities to be tapped for maximising resultsso much so that it would be impossible to produce a flop!Based on original research and personal interviews and discussions with film-makers, media professionals and market players, this book is also backed by solid data from a variety of surveys, audit studies and annual reports available in the public domain. By sifting through and collating inputs from such sources, the author arrives at concrete conclusions that place the issue of media convergence within the framework of film developmentsomething that has not been attempted before.

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