New' religions are as old as time. Every period of history has produced a crop of cults with their messiahs, faith healers, charlatans, gurus, preachers and prophets. The human religious impulse almost demands that such characters be thrown up from the teeming mass of searching souls. The book combines all the current religions that derive from Christianity - from mainstream faiths such as Mormons, Seventh Day Adventists, Christian Science and Opus Dei to, the Family, The Jesus Army and Alpha Course - as well as a full survey of the occult and pagan groups - Satanism, Choas Magic, Shamanism, Druids and Wicca . Barrett also provides an overview of the "cult mentality", the history of sects and a glance at "personal development" cults. In doing so he always combines a genuine enthusiasm for his topic with an objective approach which is never sensationalist or condemnatory.

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