The European Union has long been at the heart of political and constitutional debate in the United Kingdom. In particular, controversy has surrounded the issue of the single currency and the moves to re-cast the EU treaties into a new European constitution. Europe has had a growing impact upon the UK's domestic and foreign policy, and upon the working of its political institutions. It has made a particularly big impact on the work of Parliament, much of whose business is now concerned to a greater or a lesser degree with EU-related matters, and whose procedures have had to be adapted to accommodate the tasks of European scrutiny. Written by an expert team of academics and parliamentary officials, Britain in the European Union reports and analyses the major developments in the relationship between Britain and the European Union between the ratification of the Maastricht Treaty and the British General Election of 2001. It focuses particularly on the EU's impact on parliamentary institutions in the UK and on law and policy in controversial areas such as employment and the social chapter, foreign and security policy, enlargement and governance, immigration and asylum and the single currency.

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