We give our car or boiler regular services because these are thingsthat we rely on and know it is better to fix minor glitches than waituntil they become major problems. However when it comes to something asimportant as our relationship, we tend to close our eyes and hope forthe best.In this practical book, Marital therapist Andrew G Marshall draws ontwenty-five years of counselling couples to design a programme thatgives your relationship the once over, tightens up any nigglingproblems and keeps it running smoothly.- Discover the six stages of love and their particular challenges and rewards.- Learn how to speak each others special love language.- Boost real intimacy and keep passion alive.- Discover how small changes can have a truly big impact.- Test how many of the six skills of successful couples that you and your partner possess.(This book is based on I Love You But Im Not In Love With You by Andrew G. Marshall, published by Bloomsbury)

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