A complete set of best practices, tools, and techniques for turning conversations into a rich source of business informationMany organizations are now recognizing that the untapped knowledge of their members can be used to benefit every aspect of their business, from making smarter and faster decisions to improving products and efficiency. This book offers a clear-cut road map for building a successful knowledge management system to capture and fully exploit the knowledge exchanged in conversations.Written by two of the foremost experts in online communities, this book covers a set of best practices, tools, and techniques for using conversation and online interaction to provide affordable and effective knowledge-based benefits and solutions. With a unique and invaluable perspective, the authors offer guidance for collecting, capturing, and cataloging knowledge so that it can be used to improve efficiency and reduce costs in areas ranging from internal procedures through customer relations and product development.This book provides step-by-step solutions for developing an effective knowledge network, including how to:* Formulate strategies and create action plans* Select the right tools for peer-to-peer networks, interactive communities, and events* Work with legacy systems* Train staff and stimulate participation* Improve productivity and measurement criteriaThe companion Web site contains templates, checklists, a discussion board, and links to software.

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