Transform your woodshop to suit your needs! Whether you want more workspace or just a more efficient setup, here are all the designs you need to build the workshop of your dreams. Danny Proulx provides detailed plans and easy-to-follow instructions for building self-contained units for every tool and related accessory. These 12 problem-solving projects are guaranteed to give your woodshop new life by maximizing space and increasing shop efficiency. Each design ensures that the wrenches, blades, jigs and attachments for all of your tools are within arm's reach. It's the perfect setup for working more effectively with your table saw, drill press, miter saw, sharpening stones and more. Includes these 12 problem-solving projects: Base- and Wall-Mounted Cabinets Practical Workbench Power Miter Saw Station Multifunction Power Tool Cabinet Power Tool Storage Station Mobile Table Saw Center Router Table Cabinet Drill Press Center Tool Sharpening and Maintenance Station Mobile Workbench and Tool Cabinet Saw Outfeed Table and Storage Cabinet Shop Made 12" Disc Sander

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