ZIPFIXeGUIDES are written in the form of a brief series of notes and lists for the use of executives, business owners and managers who are required to successfully lead and manage businesses to meet current challenges and to provide sustainability for business success into the future. ZIPFIXeGUIDES will assist leaders in achieving more powerful, effective and sustainable opportunities to experience exciting leadership successes. You will quickly discover new ideas and effective, dynamic, practical understandings and tools for developing sustainable winning-team strategies. Good leadership is the outcome of training and application, leaders are developed not born, your leadership success is in your own hands. Develop insights into powerful leadership success secrets through a broad series of leadership quotations that will help you build your personal dynamic resource and create your own exciting and stress-free leadership solutions. Life for the high performance leaders, charged with the responsibilities for leading teams to sustainable successful outcomes in their operations, will always be an exciting, challenging and rewarding pursuit. The value of the high-performance team leader is vested in the ability to influence others through effective communications and this participation can range from a simple pat-on-the-back, through to completing difficult conversations and in resolving highly sensitive and complex conflicts. Your leadership success is in your own hands, will you make the move for your success today?

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