Patrick Kavanagh said that no one could write a comprehensive account of Irish life that ignored the Gaelic Athletic Association. Likewise, any attempt to chronicle the history of the GAA would be far from complete if the CIE GAA clubs were omitted. The clubs have been involved with the promotion of Gaelic Games from as far back as 1886 - almost as far back as the inception of the Association itself - and the workforce of C.I.E. still turn to Gaelic Games as an outlet for sport and leisure to this day. This book serves as a record of the activities and achievements of the various transport teams over the past one hundred and twenty five years. All those who are interested in the promotion of Gaelic Games will be inspired by the very fine account of the development of the clubs. John Cassidy, who undertook the task of researching this book, is owed a great debt of gratitude, not only by G.A.A. followers and supporters in the areas covered by the book, but by all students of the G.A.A.

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