Turn every employee into a productive leader using improv techniques from the theater!In the world of management, engagement is the name of the game. When workers interact with colleagues and truly own their work, productivity soars. Business Improv holds the secrets to turning employees into leaders by helping them think on their feet, handle crises, cooperate for success, and generate profitable business ideas. And it's all done using theater improvisation activities.Based on the concept of experiential learning, Business Improv eschews the old practices of sitting workers down and subjecting them to a video or PowerPoint presentation on productivity best practices. People really learn when they're on their feet being challenged and empowered to learn new techniques through stimulating, meaningful, and fun processes.Business Improv Activities provides 60 theater improv exercises you can use to get immediate and positive results. Learn how to:Attract and retain talent with a fun, challenging, and creative workplace environmentUnleash untapped potential and create leaders, mentors, and innovative employeesDevelop individual skills that foster teamworkCultivate leadership and improve decision making skillsEnhance creative thinking abilities and refine brainstorming abilities

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