IT jobs in the mysterious world of hedge funds are the perhaps the highest paying jobs for IT professionals and packages are set to increase as hedge funds become more mainstream. A career in Hedge fund IT provides one of the best opportunities to work with the brightest and best in the financial services industry. Business Knowledge for IT in Hedge Funds provides a platform that helps to make this happen. The 12 chapters in this book cover the following topics: an overview of the Hedge Fund Industry; recent trends in Hedge Funds ; the business environment in Hedge Funds; major players in the Retail banking industry; the common systems used in Retail banking; and, the future of IT and business in Hedge Funds. Latest innovations in business and IT in the Hedge Fund industry discussed in the book include Popularity of Energy and Environmental Hedge Funds , Hedge Funds Trading in Weather Derivatives, 130/30 Strategies in Hedge Funds, Continued Evolution of Fund Administration, High Performance Computing, Storage Area Networks, Algorithmic Trading and more. The contributors to this book include: Dr Mark Mobius of Templeton Asset Management, Dermot Butler of Custom House Services, Mike Harriman of Positive View, Flex Trader, Finanalytica, Advent Software, Sophis, Beauchamp (Linedata) and more. "Business Knowledge for IT in Hedge Funds is an invaluable handbook for professionals working in Hedge Funds and crossovers. It is targeted at IT professionals such as: Project Managers; Application Developers; Development Managers; Test Managers; Business Analysts; Data Analysts; Systems Analysts; Test Analysts; Support Analysts; Database Administrators; and HR staff responsible for IT recruitment. The book is concise ensuring that readers don't get distracted by superfluous information.

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