Beat the fear of public speaking forever--with no sweat!Speakers nerves. For many of us, these words spell disaster. Whether its giving a speech to a conference room filled with hundreds of colleagues or simply socializing with a group of strangers at a party, the churning stomach and sweaty palms that come with speakers nerves can be uncomfortable at best and career-damaging at worst. When overcoming this anxiety is critical to success, Butterflies Be Gone is your solution.An accomplished speech coach to thousands, including executives, Congressional representatives, and military leaders, Dr. Arthur Bell outlines his sure-fire seven-part plan for conquering your fear.Using tested techniques, probing quizzes, and real-life anecdotes from fellow sufferers, Dr. Bell teaches you how to:Recognize the physiological symptoms of speakers nervesIdentify your unique anxiety profile and develop a customized planPrepare and practice intelligently for any speaking engagementEstablish comfort by making friends with your audienceUse breathing and body work to calm your mindSpeak "off the cuff" with confidence

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