Whether you're new at the home-buying or selling game in Canada, or whether you've played it before, most of us dread the onslaught of flashy, fast-talking real estate agents and property managers. Well, help has arrived. This revised edition of Buying and Selling a Home For Canadians For Dummies prepares you to get what you need and want when buying a new home or selling the one you're in. Everything from arranging your finances and hiring an agent, to researching neighbourhoods and assessing home values is presented in a clear and humorous way to help you get the most out of the process.Important information to help you:Market your home and sell for the highest possible priceNegotiate the best price and terms of saleFind the right new neighbourhood with reasonable prices and the type of housing to suit you and your familyDecide whether or not to hire an agent and tips on how to choose a good oneSelect the best mortgage and understand tax considerationsUpdated in the 2nd Edition:Examining zero percent down payments, lines of credit and other alternatives to conventional mortgagesUsing the Net: New, useful sites and what to watch out forBuying condominiums: An expanded chapter full of useful information on what you need to know before you buySelling your home on your own: Expanded online resources and tipsFixing up your home to sell: Tips from the designers on how to make your home as sellable as possible

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