The physical linkages responsible for carrying a company's data continue to be the most neglected components of the typical networkto the extent that nearly 70% of all network-related problems result from poor cabling.In this third edition of a widely acclaimed resource, three networking experts share their extensive experience, teaching you the cabling skills you need to build a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective network cabling infrastructure. As you master these techniques, you'll learn to avoid common pitfalls and troubleshoot problems as quickly as they arise. Coverage includes:Choosing the right cables and components for your network architecture and topologyAvoiding unnecessary and unexpected costsUnderstanding the current limitations of data communications and network cablingUnderstanding how laws and building codes constrain cablingUnderstanding the function and importance of universal cabling standardsDetermining when you have a cabling-related network problemAssembling a complete cabling toolkitIntegrating voice and data on the same cable systemSetting up an infrastructure in which desktops, printers, copiers, and other nodes share cablingUnderstanding issues of bandwidth, impedance, resistance, attenuation, crosstalk, capacitance, propagation, delay, and delay skewWorking effectively with USB and FirewireKnowing when to discard legacy cabling and begin anewDocumenting your cablingCreating an RFP and selecting a vendor

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