A collection of five erotic stories with mixed themes including paranormal and vampire.The Call of the Night by Tabitha RayneThe Call of The Night is a lesbian vampire romp in the woods. Leah finds herself on an evening walk on the outskirts of town being confronted by a mysterious cloaked woman who commands her to follow her into the forest...House of Seven Inches by Michael BrackenLocated just south of the middle of nowhere, the two-storey house has stood empty ever since the previous owner disappeared several years earlier. The new owner a gay, would-be writer who left a bad relationship in the city moves in and begins an extensive renovation project. He soon learns to appreciate the solitude ... until he suspects he isnt alone.Incubus At Your Service by Maggie MortonWhen Nell gets up one morning, shes shocked to see the almost completely naked (but completely gorgeous) stranger in her kitchen, doing her dishes. When he turns around, though, hes identical to the man who was in her dreams last night, doing very naughty things to her. And if that wasnt weird enough, he tells her hes an early birthday present, from I & S Cleaning Services. His sudden appearance in her kitchen isnt the only surprise, though it turns out that I & S stands for Incubus and Succubus, and that means shes just about to experience more pleasure than she ever has before.Skyggen by Giselle RenardeTheres nothing like a holiday to forget ones urban anxieties. Little does Mirjam know she lost something essential during her stay at a rustic vacation villa she lost her shadow! When she returns home without her darker self, Mirjam can no longer cope with everyday pressures. Before long, she quits her job and takes ill. Life becomes very shabby until one day a flamboyant young woman crashes through her door. Its Skyggen, her lost shadow, now engaged to marry a very wealthy man. In Skyggens presence, Mirjams capacity for jealousy and duplicity resurface. Perhaps Mirjam can even win back all that is rightfully hers ...Lord Nanos Nemesis by Slave NanoA mysterious highwaywoman emerges out of the evening mist to inflict her special brand of retribution on Lord Nano for his debauched behaviour in the brothels of 18th century Leeds. A flesh and blood female avenger or a ghostly phantom? Whoever she is, by the end of the evening, he will be stripped, cruelly tormented and wickedly humiliated. Has Lord Nano finally met his Nemesis?These stories have also been published in Dark Desires ISBN 9781907761706 / 9781907761713

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