What does it mean to be a Jew? What practices are relevant?And is belief in God even necessary?Answers to these and other questions reflect the amazing diversity within theJewish community. However, one terrible fact-centuries of persecution in thename of Jesus Christ-has united this diverse community in one belief. Namely,that Jesus Christ is not the Jewish Messiah.Moishe Rosen was born into this culture. No New Testament. No Christmas. Noquestion. Even nonreligious Jews-including Moishe's family-would disown anyonetraitorous enough to profess faith in Christ. Which means the moment Moishe wascalled to Christ, he was Called to Controversy.This stirring account from his daughter describes the rise of a man whosepassion for Jesus and passion for his people triumphed over self-preservationand ultimately fueled an international movement that is still changing livestoday. Called to Controversy is the inside story of one the most influentialevangelists of our times.

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