What would you do to get your business noticed? Every day consumers are bombarded with advertising and public relations messages. With so many companies competing for limited consumer dollars, how can you get your company?s message out? Sometimes, a successful PR stunt is just what the doctor ordered! Can We Do That?! looks at real–life PR stunts that will blow your mind and inspire you to think nontraditionally and find new and creative ways to get your company noticed. PR Guru Peter Shankman chronicles some of the most ridiculous, outrageous, and possibly crazy PR stunts of all time. Wading through the silliness to get to the root of why some stunts work and some don?t, Shankman offers a funny and insightful look at what it takes to win the game of PR. You?ll learn how and why: A stolen Yoo–Hoo truck became a promotional and media relations coup "Free Hour" promotion was so successful it virtually shut down Internet access on the East...

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