The emergence of Web technologies for data and knowledge interaction gives rise to the need for supportive frameworks for knowledge distribution. Semantic Web technologies aim at providing shared semantic spaces for Web contents, such that people, applications and communities can use a common platform to share information. Also, many of the challenging aspects of the research problems tackled in the Semantic Web area fall in the realm of artificial intelligence or employment of AI techniques. Canadian Semantic Web: Technologies and Applications is an edited volume contributed by worldwide leaders in Semantic Web research, and was based on contributions to the 2nd Canadian Semantic Web Symposium, held in Kelowna, BC Canada in May, 2009. This volume introduces the most recentadvanced working theories, prototypes and applications on; AI technologies in the Semantic Web, Languages, tools and methodologies for the Semantic Web, Searching, querying, visualizing and interpreting the Semantic Web, Semantic Web-based Knowledge Management, Semantic Grid and semantic Grid services, Trust, Privacy, and Security on the Semantic Web and more. A special focus of this book is on applications of semantic web technology on electronic health. This book is intended for practitioners and researchers working in the related fields of the Semantic Web. Advanced-level focusing on computer science will also find this book valuable as a secondary text or reference book.

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