How can the same grapes make two different wines? Can you tell what a wine tastes like by reading the label? By understanding wine, you can drink better wine. In grocery stores, liquor stores, and at the vineyard, the key to picking a tasty wine is knowing how the wine was madenot by looking at the price. Even the glass you drink wine out of can enhance the experience. With some basic guidance, being a wine connoisseur is as easy as knowing what you like.Canadian Wine For Dummies is for everyone from beginning wine drinkers who need a friendly primer on wine to experienced wine tasters who want a thorough introduction to the diverse variety of wines produced in Canadian. This is the perfect guide if youre interested in:Entertaining at homeCollecting wineCooking with wineTouring Canadian vineyardsImpressing your friendsExplore all the factors that influence a wine 212;from the soil the grapes grow in to the winemaking processand understand how to decipher this information from the label. Navigate any restaurants wine list and order the best tasting and priced bottle. Serve the perfect wine to complement the food your serving. This friendly guide helps you do these things and more:Introduce your friends to IcewineHappily marry food and wine at your weddingPurchase wine online from private shopsProperly taste and describe any wineOrganize wine tastingsKnow when to send back a bottle of wineTired of relying on other peoples wine choices? Want to discover a vast country of delicious wines? There are many, many reasons to explore the world of Canadian wines. No matter what the reason, the experience you take away from delving into the savory world of Canadian wines will make itself useful the rest of your life.

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