Young people with cancer have suffered from not being recognized as either children or adult patients. The lack of an adequate number of centres, properly equipped for teenage cancer care, is acknowledged worldwide. Yet their needs, both physically and psychologically, are perhaps the most acute of all.Now, this book, based on an international conference hosted by the Teenage Cancer Trust, addresses the issues surrounding care of the adolescent with cancer more completely than ever before.Some chapters provide practical information from leading specialists on managing and treating the specific tumours affecting this group whilst others present discussions by psychologists, nurses and other healthcare professionals on the many lifestyle issues that confront teenagers with cancer. Finally and maybe, most importantly, contributions from patients and carers give an insight into what it feels like to have the disease while growing into adulthood.With its insight into the problems, and guidance on best practice, this book will be welcomed by all professionals and carers who work with young people with cancer.

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