Book DescriptionCancer and the Kidney addresses the interface and overlap of nephrology and oncology. Kidney disease, metabolic disturbances or kidney failure can occur in a cancer patient, and cancers may complicate the lives of dialysis or transplant patients. These cross-specialty clinical problems and their management are the focus of this book, which provides nephrologists and oncologists with an accurate and up-to-date reference. The many topics included in this text are both general and specific. The general topics are acute renal failure occurring in cancer patients, nephrotoxicities of cancer chemotherapy, cancers that occur in dialysis or transplant patients, urinary tract obstruction, and electrolyte disturbances in cancer patients. The specific topics include renal disease in paraproteinemias, kidney cancer, paraneoplastic glomerular diseases, and radiation nephritis. This book has a strong clinical emphasis and will thus appeal to any physician who cares for and about...

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