This is the first comprehensive book devoted exclusively to cancer in adolescents and young adults. First, an overview of cancer in this age group, specifically from age 15 to 29 inclusive, including epidemiology and the general differences in prevention, early detection, diagnosis and treatment are presented. Then, the 15 most common categories of cancers in the age group regarding their epidemiologic, risk factors/etiology, presenting symptoms and signs, diagnostic workup, treatment, survival outcomes, and adverse effects are each covered in separate chapters. The emphasis is on how the cancer in the age group differs in epidemiology, biology, clinical management and outcome from the same cancer in younger and older patients. The individual malignancies are followed by chapters on the general psychosocial, ethical and societal aspects of managing cancer in young adult and older adolescent patients. Model programs specially designed to care for patients in the age group and surveillance of long-term adverse effects are reviewed. This book should be of interest to practitioners, researchers and students in pediatric oncology, medical oncology, radiation oncology, surgical oncology, gynaecologic oncology, oncology nursing, social work, epidemiology, public health, and health services research.

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