From their experience in theater, Tanya Taylor and Pamela Thompson know the power of dramatic monologues. Each of them also knows firsthand the tremendous impact cancer has on individuals and their families. Taylor and Thompson realized they had something to offer that wasn't available in treatment centers or therapies groups-a workshop in which people affected by cancer write and perform monologues about their cancer stories.The stories that surface are honest and intimate. These monologues are about reawakened desire, dreams of flight and finding humor in the most unlikely places. Like letters from the frontlines, they capture the glory and darkness of life."About the EditorsTanya Taylor studied theater at Carnegie-Mellon University and HB acting studios in New York City. In Santa Fe she has co-written and performed in original shows, including Honeymoon in India, A Woman's Work, and Pregnant Pause.Pamela Thompson has been involved in theater all of her life. She is a comedian and actor and founding member of ARK Repertory Theater in Madison Wisconsin. Thompson co-wrote and performed in the comedies A Woman's Work and Pregnant Pause.

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