When professional speaker & songwriter Joy Huber was diagnosed with Stage Four cancer at the young age of 33, she didn't choose to get angry or depressed. She chose to fight using the tremendous power of positivity and lots of humor even as she went from having shoulder-length hair at diagnosis to bald in 6 weeks. She heard the word remission less than 6 months after her diagnosis and after 6 intense rounds of chemotherapy. Joy quickly discovered talking with others most do not handle a cancer diagnosis as well as she does. She handles it "with Joy," realizing that no one is happy they have cancer, but you can have cancer and still be happy! She began sharing stories of specific examples of how she handled cancer with joy to help others from diagnosis through treatment and a powerful new brand ("Cancer with Joy") quickly exploded! This inspiring & informative book transforms how the newly diagnosed & those who love them handle cancer. It is a priceless collection of stories from Joy and others, 100 useful resources to save time, money, energy & strength and more. "Cancer with Joy" also details timely information on what the new healthcare reform bill means for those diagnosed with cancer who have insurance & who are uninsured. "Cancer with Joy" takes the fear out of cancer helping the newly diagnosed through treatment with resources, support and encouragement. In the middle of the word encouragement is "courage," and Joy offers that along with hope. "Cancer with Joy" is the essential resource for newly diagnosed cancer patients and their caregivers. Everyone diagnosed with cancer asks, "How will I handle this?" Reading "Cancer with Joy" is the answer. "Cancer with Joy" also offers bonuses at a companion web site including additional pictures, video and music!

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