INTRODUCING THE BOYS I say, Ned, this is beginning to grow wearisome, drawled Randy Moore as he tipped his chair against the wall, and crossed his feet on the low railing in front of him. Clay promised to be here half an hour ago, he went on in an injured tone, and if he doesn't come in a few minutes I'm going to have a spin on the river. It's aggravating to sit here and do nothing. I can count a dozen boats between the railroad bridge and Bushy Island. I wouldn't mind being out myself, said Ned Chapman, but we have important business to transact to-night, Randy, and I think it would be wiser to let boating go for once. I have everything planned out in ship shape fashion, and it only wants the seal of approval from you and Clayton. Oh! you have, have you? exclaimed Randy with a sudden show of interest. That's good news, Ned. If Clay knew the momentous question was to be settled at last, he would stir himself to get here, wherever he is. I'll give him ten minutes' grace. You'll give him as many minutes as he needs, rejoined Ned

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