Great innovations in do-it-yourself home decor are here! Canvas is versatile, easy to work with, and most importantly, inexpensive. Authors Bunny Delorie and Janet Newell, both experts in the craft and home decor industries, team up to offer Canvas Decor, with 25 plus fun and original projects for use in the home. Crafters will learn to sew, stencil, paint, and embellish canvas for an amazing result. In this book, readers will find step-by-step instructions and photos for completing inventive projects that will add a touch of flair to their home decor. Bamboo and palm tree projects include a tri-folding screen with faux bamboo legs, a realistic-looking canvas plant, canvas pillows faux finished to look like leather, and a tropical leaf wall hanging. There are also faux fur and animal projects, such as an animal print foot stool; "Italian garden" kitchen projects, such as vegetable canvas panels and faux tile; outdoor living projects like a patio floorcloth and directors chairs; children's projects like bean bags, a rolled canvas checker board, and more!

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