The woman sat opposite and said, 'You are still in the life as Graecus the Centurion. You have defeated Boudicca, you are with your century and with your beloved son, Germanicus. Take me to the next important scene in that life. Where do you need to go now?'In a darkened room, the hypnotised subject undergoing regression takes Graecus back to the place he has avoided for so long and least wishes to be - Rome.In this book, the Auxiliary Centurion and his men visit the capital of the ancient world to take part in General Suetonius's ovation. The reader goes with them walking down the teeming streets of the plebeian districts and through the gleaming marble monuments to Nero's power.While the auxiliaries marvel at the dazzling sights of the imperial city, they also find danger in its dark alleys. The soldiers learn that the exotic scents adorning the rich often mask a strong whiff of decaying fish but, in their dealings with Rome's rulers, they discover that seafood is not the only rotten thing in the city. As Graecus and his century prepare for the ovation, meetings with some of Rome's most alluring women ensure that life will never be the same again.Praise for J A Gordon's earlier books in the Chronicles series: 'Reading The Weight of Time and Moments in Time is like uncovering a Roman mosaic - all the pieces fit together to provide a convincing picture of a bygone age and so skilfully that the story lingers in the mind long after the last page is turned'

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