Captivation When Alex Sanderson is commissioned to paint a mural on a remote Greek island, everyone is expecting the artist to be a man - not a beautiful English girl called Alexandra. Warned to leave by her mysterious employer's housekeeper, Alex finds herself caught up in a complex game of passion and punishment. Humiliated, and passed from hand to hand, Alex embarks on a dark journey of self-discovery - a willing participant in her own Captivation. Maggie and the Master When Maggie Howard takes in a new lodger she gets a glimpse of a dark, sensual, forbidden world that has always fascinated and intrigued her. With the lodger's input she meets Max Jordan, a notorious Slave Master whose speciality is training wilful, spirited young women to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Naked and tormented, eyes bright with conflicting tears of trepidation and longing, Maggie finds herself at the mercy of the Master, and begins to learn the true meaning of submission.

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